Loreen Henegan lives in Oregon with her husband and infant daughter. They have a very small house in the shadow of an enormous sweetgum tree.
She began writing stories at the age of three, but took a couple of decades off to gain life experience before trying to make a name for herself.
This is Loreen’s second published work. Her first can be heard at the podcast magazine Pseudopod. She no longer illustrates her stories in crayon.

Loreen Heneghan has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Buried Years

FICTION by Loreen Heneghan in Issue 15 – December 2007

Dearest Marcella, My love, in the course of our letters I may not have told you how distressed I become upon seeing skeletons. I find myself revolted by their empty eyes and the unhinged way they walk through the streets at dusk. A better man would be respectful, but—imperfect soul that I am—I’ve never put […]
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