Luo Longxiang was born in 1981, deep in the mountains of Guangxi province on the China’s southern border, where he studied Chemical Engineering at Guangxi University. After publishing his first sci-fi story in 2003, his fans began to refer to the mysterious author as “Master Luo,” in reference to his hermit-like existence far away from the crowded cities of the coast and northern plains. Of the eleven stories he was written over the past decade, six have earned a Milky Way Award. His works are known for their massive scope, dealing almost exclusively with the question of humanity’s eventual survival in space. Since 2007, he has been working to complete the Planetship Alliance series–an epic space opera recounting the tragic history of mankind’s colonization of the universe.

Luo Longxiang has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Foodie Federation's Dinosaur Farm

FICTION by Luo Longxiang, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 144 – September 2018

1 A Lei was a young worker at the 045 Meat Union factory on Continent Three in starship Rhea. When the dinosaur uprising overwhelmed the factory, he used a hunting rifle to drop two great beasts that got in his way. He climbed over their corpses and fled deeper into the factory, toward the shuttle […]

Away from Home

FICTION by Luo Longxiang, translated by Nick Stember in Issue 116 – May 2016

I. New San Francisco Planetship Phaeton, New San Francisco City, sunny skies. A young man with a flat top and an earring sat in the Chinatown substation, face to face with the station chief. Zhao had seen his type before—old enough to dress like a thug, but not quite ballsy enough to act like one. […]