M. Bennardo is the writer of over fifty short stories, appearing in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Lightspeed Magazine, and others. He is also co-editor of Machine of Death (Bearstache Books, 2010), and its sequel This Is How You Die (Grand Central Publishing, 2013).


M. Bennardo has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Now Dress Me in my Finest Suit and Lay Me in My Casket

FICTION by M. Bennardo in Issue 99 – December 2014

Every night as a young girl, I would help my grandfather finish dressing in his nicest, cleanest suit. He would stand in his black gold-toed socks on the bedroom rug, his twill trousers hanging slack as he threaded cufflinks through the buttonholes of his shining white shirt. His tie knot was always a double Windsor, […]
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