M. J. Pettit is a full-time academic working at the intersection of history and psychology as well as an occasional writer of short stories. He divides his time between Toronto, Canada and Manchester, UK with stopovers in other interesting places. His stories have previously appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Compelling Science Fiction, Nature, Zooscape, Toasted Cake, and Riddled with Arrows.

M. J. Pettit has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Tender, Tether, Shell

FICTION by M. J. Pettit in Issue 191 – August 2022

The intact remnants of Tess’ pressure suit sat alone at the bar, slumped before an untouched pint of beer. No one around the Waystation blamed Hae’cera for what they did after the reactor blew. According to the logs recovered after the accident, the blast killed Tess instantly while only damaging the alien’s shell. In their […]
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