M P Ericson has lived in Sweden, Trinidad, and Tanzania, but is now settled in the north of England. She holds a PhD in Philosophy, and has worked as a tutor, researcher, and accountant. Her short fiction has appeared in venues such as Abyss & Apex, Dred, and the Freehold: Southern Storm anthology from Carnifex Press.

M P Ericson has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Lost Soul

FICTION by M P Ericson in Issue 12 – September 2007

He kept his eyes lowered to avoid bringing evil. All he saw were his own toes scuffling through a drizzle of tulsi-scented sawdust. At the pandit’s door he stopped, blew three times on the fingers of his right hand, and knocked. Jagan’s wife opened the door. She withdrew hastily, then disappeared into the house. Rajiv […]