Matthew Johnson lives in Ottawa with his wife Megan and their sons Leo and Miles, where he works as a media educator and writes fantasy and SF when time and circumstances permit. His novel Fall From Earth was published in 2009, and a collection of his short fiction will be published in 2014 by Chizine Publications. His most recently published stories are “The Afflicted” (Fantasy & Science Fiction, July-August 2012) and “The Last Islander” (Asimov’s Science Fiction, September 2012.)


Matthew Johnson has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Future, One Thing at a Time

NON-FICTION by Matthew Johnson in Issue 73 – October 2012

It’s conventional wisdom in science fiction that the future doesn’t come one thing at a time. This idea, which is sometimes called Campbell’s Rule (or Campbell’s Exception), is explained in these terms in the book On Writing Science Fiction by George Scithers et. al: “You can never do merely one thing. Our world a century […]

From Farm to Fable: Food, Fantasy, and Science Fiction

NON-FICTION by Matthew Johnson in Issue 65 – February 2012

Food is one of our most basic desires. It’s the first thing we ask for after being born, the fuel for our work and our reward at the end of a long day. Because of this, it’s been an integral element of storytelling since Eve ate the apple, and science fiction and fantasy are no […]
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