Megan Lindholm lives on a small farm in Roy, Washington, where she shares a word processor with Robin Hobb and raises chickens, geese, ducks and other random animals. Although she has not written a novel in a while, she continues to produce (erratically) short fiction. “Old Paint” is dedicated fondly to the memory of a blue Chevy Celebrity wagon that carried her and her kids to many an SF convention. She still carries a small piece of blue dashboard plastic in her right knee from a memorable collision it survived.


Megan Lindholm has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Old Paint

REPRINT FICTION by Megan Lindholm in Issue 112 – January 2016

I was only nine when it happened, so I may not have the details absolutely right. But I know the heart of my story, and the heart is always what matters in a tale like mine. My family didn’t have much when I was growing up. A lot of lean years happened in that first […]