Michelle Julia John is a speculative fiction writer from the twin Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. She is a 2019 Cropper fellow, and a graduate of the University of the West Indies. She obtained her master’s degree in Sociology and uses it for worldbuilding in her stories.

Though she would love to be at the beach all day, you’ll often find her loudly supporting her favorite football team; Chelsea FC, when she’s not writing, or reading. Michelle is currently working on her first novel.


Michelle Julia John has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Rhythm of the Soul

FICTION by Michelle Julia John in Issue 194 – November 2022

I was ten years old when my father broke the world with the sweet notes of a steel pan. He created a new version, called it the S-pan, short for soul pan. Like any other, he made it from a repurposed steel drum. Streaks of gold ran up the sides of its five-inch skirt tucked […]
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