Mo Xiong is an award-winning science fiction writer who launched his career in 2008, the publication of his novella “Prayer of Doomsday” in Science Fiction World. This story was the first of many in his City of Chaos series, which also includes a novel (Hell Hunt,), two novellas ( “Pray of Doomsday” and “Turtledove”), and several short stories. Beyond this series, he has published four novels and several short stories. His work has been recognized with nominations for the Xingyun Award, Galaxy Award, and several other Chinese SF awards.

Mo Xiong has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Operation Spring Dawn

FICTION by Mo Xiong, translated by Rebecca Kuang in Issue 158 – November 2019

1 I was taught that when the Great Frost first descended, humans were in the middle of a great world war. I don’t know which world war this was, nor do I know who was fighting who. I wasn’t born—rather, I wasn’t produced—until twenty years after it ended. By then, it had become a distant […]