Bae Myung-hoon was the 2005 winner South Korea’s Science and Technology Creative Award in 2005. A prodigious writer, his work frequently appeared thereafter in South Korean monthly magazines–such as Fantastique–and in a number of original SF anthologies. With the publication of his omnibus novel Tower in 2009 (a book of linked short stories all dealing with a space elevator), his reputation expanded beyond the confines of the Korean SF world and into the mainstream literary world of South Korea. In 2010, with the publication of his short novel Hello, Artificial Being!, he gained acceptance as a major author in South Korean literature. Since 2009, he has published fourteen full-length novels, one novel for children, and four short stories, with many of them having been published by major literary publishers–and he has performed the remarkable feat of gaining mainstream literary acceptance for his work in a society where SF was, until very recently, widely considered (at best) juvenile fiction. Since 2018, Bae has also served as the Deputy Chairman of the Science Fiction Writer’s Union of the Republic of Korea.

Myung-hoon Bae has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Peppers of GreenScallion

FICTION by Myung-hoon Bae, translated by Jihyun Park and Gord Sellar in Issue 153 – June 2019

Chaeeunshinji was seventeen, and I was thirteen. Just going by years alone, she was way older than me, but that kind of comparison didn’t really mean much: the planet where Chaeeunshinji was from and the one where I came from each had slightly different rotational and sidereal periods, so that the relative lengths of days […]
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