Naim Kabir has bounced between neuroscience, machine learning, and software engineering—but his first love was telling stories. He’s been lucky enough to appear in Clarkesworld and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and he’s been featured on the Locus Recommended Reading List. You can catch past pieces at or follow @kabircreates to see new ones—and you can certainly expect new ones.

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Naim Kabir has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Law of Tongue

FICTION by Naim Kabir in Issue 195 – December 2022

The fact that they insisted we keep calling them “killer whales” should really tell you something. The orcas of Puget Sound are vicious in negotiations. “Listen,” I say. “The talks are in two weeks. We can’t just throw away months of work when we’re so close to the finish line.” The old matriarch spyhops once […]

Slowly Builds An Empire

FICTION by Naim Kabir in Issue 102 – March 2015

There was no need for talk in Tokyo, so the streets were silent. The loudest features were the colors of the electric motorcars and the styles of the eclectic fashions—polychromatic shells that switched from lip-pucker lemon to cut-grass green and double-cut polymer skirts alongside old-fold silk suits. Shinsuke Takinami stood above and apart from it […]