Natalia Theodoridou is a media & cultural studies scholar, the winner of the 2018 World Fantasy Award for Short Fiction, and a Clarion West graduate (class of 2018). Natalia’s stories have appeared in Strange Horizons, Uncanny, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, F&SF, Fireside, and elsewhere. Rent-a-Vice, a cyberpunk interactive noir published by Choice of Games, was a 2018 Nebula Award Finalist. For details, follow @natalia_theodor on Twitter.


Natalia Theodoridou has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

To Set at Twilight In a Land of Reeds

FICTION by Natalia Theodoridou in Issue 169 – October 2020

The train ride takes long, longer than I’m used to traveling lately. The city has its own sense of distance, underground or glass-clad and stainless steeled. Entertainment drones at you from above, eating up idle time. No thought left unclaimed. Here, we zip through vast, open spaces. The landscape is a blur of burnt sienna […]

The Last Eagle

FICTION by Natalia Theodoridou in Issue 151 – April 2019

“For a city boy, you are terrible in crowds,” Beatrice used to say, and she wasn’t wrong exactly, but it was never the crowds that were the problem. It was the open spaces. The too-muchness of air, of movement, of sound. Even here, I catch myself making my body small, as small as possible. The […]

One's Burden, Again

FICTION by Natalia Theodoridou in Issue 148 – January 2019

“It’s freezing today,” Ionna said, although she knew the temperature in the ship was always the same. It didn’t make her feel any warmer. As if the cold of space had settled into her bones. “Won’t be long now.” Niko finished securing the cargo area and initiated a routine maintenance check of the entire ship. […]

The Rains on Mars

FICTION by Natalia Theodoridou in Issue 135 – December 2017

My shoulder hurts as if a handful of rusted nails have burrowed into my joint. Novak’s driving isn’t helping; the rover is jumping over the rough terrain, giving us all a good shake, especially the three of us sitting in the back. Ray and I are strapped in, but London is sprawled out, defying regulations, […]

The Nightingales in Plátres

FICTION by Natalia Theodoridou in Issue 133 – October 2017

“ . . . if one generation rose up after another like the leaves of the forest, if one generation succeeded the other as the songs of birds in the woods, if the human race passed through the world as a ship through the sea or the wind through the desert, a thoughtless and fruitless whim . . . how empty […]

Android Whores Can't Cry

FICTION by Natalia Theodoridou in Issue 106 – July 2015

False start #1 MEETINGS AT MASSACRE MARKET by Aliki Karyotakis for the London New Times I met Brigitte at what the locals call Massacre Market. She pronounced her name as if she were French—or I should say French-made, I guess, but I didn’t know that at the time. She was a working girl, owned by […]

The Eleven Holy Numbers of the Mechanical Soul

FICTION by Natalia Theodoridou in Issue 89 – February 2014

a=38. This is the first holy number. Stand still. Still. In the water. Barely breathing, spear in hand. One with the hand. A light brush against my right calf. The cold and glistening touch of human skin that is not human. Yet, it’s something. Now strike. Strike. Theo had been standing in the sea for […]
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