Nick Wolven’s science fiction has appeared in popular magazines and anthologies around the world. His novella Snowflake will appear in early 2021.


Nick Wolven has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

When the Sheaves Are Gathered

FICTION by Nick Wolven in Issue 178 – July 2021

1 It’s 3 a.m., and Kip’s been at it all night, to the point where Johnny has had enough. Coming into the kitchen, he can’t believe what he’s seeing. Bottles all over, spills of sugar, a fifth of tequila lying tipped in the sink. And shards, too, literal pieces of glass, because the stupid kid, […]

Confessions of a Con Girl

REPRINT FICTION by Nick Wolven in Issue 151 – April 2019

Senior Thesis submitted to the Department of English, —— University, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts August 22, 20— By: Sophie Lee The first thing to say, at the outset of my narrative, is it was not according to my own wishes to write this senior paper. The […]

Streams and Mountains

FICTION by Nick Wolven in Issue 128 – May 2017

Man discovers fire. Man discovers philosophy. Man discovers boredom. What is it about the squatting position, Mary Ellund wondered, looking down at Paul’s bent back, that calls to mind contemplative pursuits? The breeze picked up, the forest shivered. A thatch of red cedar boughs, two hundred feet above, shook down droplets on her head. Mary […]

No Placeholder for You My Love

REPRINT FICTION by Nick Wolven in Issue 120 – September 2016

1 Claire met him at a dinner party in New Orleans, and afterward, she had to remind herself this was true. Yes, that had been it, his very first appearance. It seemed incredible there had been anything so finite as a first time. He was seated across from her, two chairs down, a gorgeous woman […]

In the Midst of Life

FICTION by Nick Wolven in Issue 113 – February 2016

1 Field Report #72276 Doug Lam Lead Site Investigator South Asian Division :::ACCESS RESTRICTION: GRADE 3 AND ABOVE::: :::CONTENTS EDITED FOR RELEVANCE AND CLARITY::: Division Controller’s Notes: psych flag, legal review recommended, immediate termination recommended *****transcript begins***** Well, you bastard, you got your wish. I know it’s you who reads these reports, Carter, and I […]
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