Nin Harris is an author, poet, critical theorist and Gothic scholar who exists in a perpetual state of unheimlich. Nin writes Gothic fiction, baroque planetary romances and space operas, mythic fantasies and various other forms of hyphenated weird fiction. Nin’s publishing credits include: Clarkesworld, Strange Horizons, The Dark, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, etc. Nin was a 2016 Rhysling Poetry Award nominee.


Nin Harris has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Every Plumage, Every Beak

FICTION by Nin Harris in Issue 168 – September 2020

In a secret-saturated forest that nestled between worlds, Saengdao’s people were the tamest of the monsters that terrorized the long nights. It was not just the garuda army that frightened the young Khinnaree. The watching trees were populated with tree-demons and vengeful fanged owl-women who loved the sweet flavor of Khinnaree blood. Saengdao’s clawed avian […]

Dreams Strung like Pearls Between War and Peace

FICTION by Nin Harris in Issue 150 – March 2019

Serolar existed in a state of curfew and of anticipation. Steam-powered mini-dirigibles issuing directives from the Governor’s Palace traveled from quarter to quarter every afternoon. Every seventh-day or so, klaxons wailed while the dirigibles advised them it was a test. Despite this, stray pockets of celebration happened every now and then but it was hard […]

Violets on the Tongue

FICTION by Nin Harris in Issue 139 – April 2018

Grand-Daddy would start thrumming at twenty hours, even if it could be the middle of the night, or of the morning. The vibrations filled the heads of everyone within a twenty-five kilometer radius with harmonics. The world became a giant MRI chamber at twenty hours GMT. They should know. Every single one of them had […]


FICTION by Nin Harris in Issue 131 – August 2017

Family gatherings are mandatory for three reasons in the annals of Tamilian life either on Rig-VII or on its sister planet, Psychereon. Weddings and funerals were a given. Reversions, however, were rarer occurrences and Aakriti had never attended such a ritual. Aakriti was on shore-leave, after serving six months on an oil-rig in the middle […]

Prosthetic Daughter

FICTION by Nin Harris in Issue 125 – February 2017

Transcript #56565: Admiral Zhen-Juan’s DataStreamLog Data theft is identity theft. We sat through so many lectures and briefings that recycled this information. At the academy, the lecture-borgs would do their rounds from class to class every morning and before the end of the day. It should have been enough. It wasn’t enough. Data-hacks still happened. […]

What the Stories Steal

FICTION by Nin Harris in Issue 122 – November 2016

The woods had claimed her husband’s mind, and left her with a husk. In the Svieg, it was known that the killing of sacred animals led to madness, loss, or the substitution of a human life for the animal that had been slain. The animals were sometimes the Barlishya, who had emerged when the emissaries […]

Your Right Arm

FICTION by Nin Harris in Issue 110 – November 2015

His name was Jagdeep. He did not believe in ghosts. “Did you kill the last human?” Teng asked, her eyes avid, curiosity making her quiver. Rasakhi knew the question was inevitable, but this did not stop the sigh. Four of Teng’s hind-legs wove indigo and tan-dyed mengkuang strips into the mats that were everywhere on […]