Nina Allan’s first novel The Race was shortlisted for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award in 2017, and her second novel The Rift won the British Science Fiction Award and The Kitschies Red Tentacle in 2018. Her 2016 novelette “The Art of Space Travel” was a Hugo Award finalist. Nina’s third novel The Dollmaker is scheduled for publication in 2019.


Nina Allan has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Gift of Angels: an introduction

FICTION by Nina Allan in Issue 146 – November 2018

The noise outside his door made Vincent feel as if he were back in college, in the dilapidated hall of residence where he had spent the first year of his degree course and where the corridor parties often went on until the small hours. A continuous, muted hubbub, generously interspersed with outbursts of oafish laughter. […]

Neptune's Trident

FICTION by Nina Allan in Issue 129 – June 2017

The submarines were gone, had been gone for years. Officially they had been destroyed, torpedoed in the North Atlantic during the first six months of the clampdown, though Caitlin allowed herself to believe that someday they would come home, streaming nose to tail up the firth like salmon nearing their spawning grounds. If the subs […]