Octavia Cade has a PhD in science communication and has most recently been researching seagrasses. Her stories have appeared in places like Asimov's, Strange Horizons, and Apex Magazine, amongst others. She particularly likes to write mash-ups of science history and speculative fiction--a short novella on Ernest Rutherford along these lines, "The Ghost of Matter," recently won a Sir Julius Vogel award. She attended Clarion West 2016, and is currently working on a scifi novel about marine conservation in future New Zealand.


Octavia Cade has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Stone Weta

FICTION by Octavia Cade in Issue 131 – August 2017

Hemideina maori In winter, the mountain stone weta crawls into crevices, into cracks in the stone and it squats there, waiting. It is a creature of summer days and winter strengths, of cryogenic hibernation. When the world freezes about it, becomes a stretch of snow and ice and darkness, the stone weta freezes solid in […]

Crown of Thorns

FICTION by Octavia Cade in Issue 126 – March 2017

Acanthaster planci. Home was the poison infestation of starfish, the bleaching acres of coral. Home was vast stretches of warm ocean currents with schools beneath, and colonies. Home was a laboratory where all the concerns were popular. The Crown of Thorns invasion, their numbers out of control and crowding out the reef systems, the unending […]
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