Oyedotun Damilola Muees is a Nigerian contemporary and speculative fiction writer and a winner of the 2022 PEN Robert J. Dau Prize for Emerging Writers in 2022 for his short story “All We Have Left is Ourselves.” He has been a finalist in the Ali Baba WriteOff Challenge and shortlisted multiple times in the Tush Magazine Writing Contest and 100 Words Africa competition. You can find his work in Reckoning, Kalahari Review, Solarpunk Magazine, Our Move Next, and the forthcoming Africa Risen: A New Era of Speculative Fiction anthology (Tor.com Books, 2022). When he’s not reading or writing, you can find him watching series and animations or searching Pinterest for ancient Samurai Swords.

Oyedotun Damilola Muees has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

A Manual on Different Options of How to Bring A Loved One to Life

FICTION by Oyedotun Damilola Muees in Issue 188 – May 2022

11. Join A Telegram Cyberware Group. Tutu arranged the meeting between Harafat and the haberdasher at the end of the clustering shops in Balogun Market. Harafat squeezed through the crowds as traders called out their wares. Several times, sweaty teenage boys asked if she was interested in a new phone. Harafat ignored them, walking into […]
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