Peter M. Ferenczi has written extensively about technology for national magazines and the web, sometimes as a cheerleader, sometimes as a catcaller and concerned citizen of the world.
He writes speculative fiction in the hope that he may infect others with the bone-deep reading addiction that’s plagued him since he resolved the alphabet into words.

Born in California, he’s drifted east, living in North Carolina, New York, England, and now France. Along the way he acquired a couple of degrees, a love of photography and a taste for travel. He lives in Paris with his wife.


Peter M. Ferenczi has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Womb Factory

FICTION by Peter M. Ferenczi in Issue 67 – April 2012

Mei stood, hand on her swollen belly. Her stomach rumbled with the hunger that woke her each morning. Four steps took her and her burden to the window, which slid up scant centimeters before hitting bolts ensuring it went no further. The opening allowed air into the room, but no girl, not even Nuan with […]