Priya Chand is a California transplant living in the Midwest. Her work is inspired by a background in biology, and has previously appeared in magazines including The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Analog SF, and Nature Futures. She is also non-fiction editor for issue seven of Reckoning Magazine.


Priya Chand has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

It Takes a Village

FICTION by Priya Chand in Issue 186 – March 2022

A generation of traumatized fathers was raising a generation of children with trauma in their bones. We bobbed on Velcro tethers, children clutched against our chests, faces pale in the filtered sunlight reflecting off the planet below. Our gravitational generator always shut off first. Next were the ship’s main systems, everything except emergency life support. […]

Optimizing the Path to Enlightenment

FICTION by Priya Chand in Issue 165 – June 2020

To honor the fruit they had spilled, meals were taken in silence. The dining hall was a sea of undyed linen and cropped hair, enclosed in soaring concrete walls. Slits in the tiled roof flooded the low tables with light, so the diners did not crowd each other, and, in doing so, commit violence. Anju […]

Social Darwinism

FICTION by Priya Chand in Issue 151 – April 2019

I slide the phone up my legs, flat between my thighs for the money shot. The john’s got a kink so I kink up: pop two neon pills, fresh off my printer. Class-D molecules, his schematics. They don’t sell this in stores. The capsule dissolves, its virus reprograms the synthcode padding my DNA. I try […]
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