R.T. Ester works professionally as a visual designer. When he’s not doing that, he’s raising two young kids with his wife and drawing any inspiration he can from the Texas heat. His writing has previously appeared in Clarkesworld and is forthcoming in Interzone.


R.T. Ester has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Slight Forms

FICTION by R.T. Ester in Issue 191 – August 2022

You’re five and your teacher tells you fear weighs exactly ten pounds. You come home and you ask Mum and Dad if it’s true, and you don’t stop asking why after they confirm it is. You don’t stop ’til they tell you about the Slight. By age nine it becomes embarrassing to still believe the […]

Meddling Fields

FICTION by R.T. Ester in Issue 186 – March 2022

History gave the people of August little to look back on. Whenever a report came that one of them had been spreading their own version of it, one of us had to pay those storied steppes a visit. The latest offender lived on one of the strewn fields left by a meteorite that came down […]
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