Rebecca Ore is a native of Louisville, KY, who has spent considerable time in New York City, Charlotte, NC, Philadelphia, and various part of Virginia, my father’s home state.  She should be a resident of Northern Virginia by the time this is out.  Rebecca has published under the name Rebecca Brown as a poet (Siamese Banana Press, Telephone Books, and Adventures in Poetry Press) and under the name Rebecca Ore as a science fiction writer.  Her next book will be from Aqueduct Press, probably to be titled Centuries Ago and Very Fast. "Acid and Stoned Reindeer" will be included in the collection.
Rebecca also collects film cameras and Chinese painting brushes and tea sets.

Rebecca Ore has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Acid and Stoned Reindeer

FICTION by Rebecca Ore in Issue 14 – November 2007

The reindeer were stoned. Flat Nan, Ken, Ro, some other girls and boy who’d just discovered sex and I were chasing mammoths off the summer range so the horses could eat in peace and so we’d have some hazel nuts left for the winter. We didn’t hunt mammoths until snow fell which made tracking them […]