Robert Reed is the author of nearly three hundred published stories, plus more than a dozen novels. He is best known for his Great Ship stories, including The Memory of Sky. And for the novella, “A Billion Eves,” which won the Hugo Award in 2007. He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and daughter.


Robert Reed has the following works available at Clarkesworld:


FICTION by Robert Reed in Issue 93 – June 2014

A narrow highway, at night, the moon full and soaring, pulling enough stars for a thousand skies. And a car. People are riding inside the car. How many passengers? Two faces show. But more, perhaps many more, ride in back. A man sits up front, sits before a wheel that he holds with both hands […]

Mystic Falls

FICTION by Robert Reed in Issue 86 – November 2013

There might be better known faces. And maybe you can find a voice that rides closer to everyone’s collective soul. Or maybe there aren’t, and maybe you can’t. The world knows that one face, and it knows one of a thousand delightful names, and recognizing the woman always means that you can hear the voice. […]

Guest of Honor

REPRINT FICTION by Robert Reed in Issue 79 – April 2013

One of the robots offered to carry Pico for the last hundred meters, on its back or cradled in its padded arms; but she shook her head emphatically, telling it, “Thank you, no. I can make it myself.” The ground was grassy and soft, lit by glowglobes and the grass-colored moon. It wasn’t a difficult […]


FICTION by Robert Reed in Issue 68 – May 2012

Fashion matters. In my soul of souls, I know that the dead things you carry on your body are real, real important. Grandma likes to call me a clotheshorse, which sounds like a good thing. For example, I’ve always known that a quality sweater means the world. I prefer soft organic wools woven around Class-C […]


FICTION by Robert Reed in Issue 60 – September 2011

He was standing in front of my castle, watching windows. When I came out, he bent down low, mouth to the plastic grass, and asked if he could stay. “I can help you,” he said. “Except you’re just a dog,” I pointed out. “That’s not a nice word,” he said. “Fuck you,” I told him. […]

The Cull

FICTION by Robert Reed in Issue 48 – September 2010

Smiles mean nothing here. Inside the station, everybody smiles. Optimism is the natural state of mind. But this particular smile is larger and brighter than usual, and it happens to be honest. The man grins at me while taking a slow and very deep breath, trying to infect me with his prurient joy. He has […]

A Woman's Best Friend

FICTION by Robert Reed in Issue 27 – December 2008

The gangly man was running up the street, his long legs pushing through the fresh unplowed snow. He was a stranger; or at least that was her initial impression. In ways that Mary couldn’t quite define, he acted both lost and at home. His face and manner were confused, yet he nonetheless seemed to navigate […]
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