Roberto Quaglia hails from Genoa in Italy, where he ran a bar for years, won prizes for photography, and became one of the few Surrealist city councillors in the world. Currently he lives much of the year in Bucharest because he learned to speak Romanian, though he may also live in Moldova where people also speak Romanian. Robert Sheckley enthusiastically prefaced Roberto’s surreal satirical SF double-novel Bread, Butter and Paradoxine (published in English by Delos international). He continues to take thousands of photographs. Genoa is the city of Christopher Columbus, who perhaps discovered America, and now America discovers Roberto Quaglia, which they can also do in “The Penis of My Beloved” in Claude Lalumier & Elise Moser’s anthology Lust for Life. Roberto cruises the motorways of Europe in a white Mercedes with no wing mirrors so that he will always see into the future. His recent collection of essays, also from Delos, Pensiero stocastico (Probabilistic Thought), considers such matters as “The Advantages of Human Clonation,” “The Miracle of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes and Porn Photos on the Internet,” and “The Myth of Diana, the Death of the Sad Princess.” He has also written the remarkable Jonathan Livingshit Pigeon, much better than a seagull.


Roberto Quaglia has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Moby Clitoris of His Beloved

FICTION by Ian Watson and Roberto Quaglia in Issue 2 – November 2006

Yukio was only a salaryman, not a company boss, but for years he’d yearned to taste whale clitoris sashimi. Regular whalemeat sashimi was quite expensive, but Yukio would need to work for a hundred years to afford whale clitoris sashimi, the most expensive status symbol in Japan. Much of Yukio’s knowledge of the world came […]
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