Roger Moraga was born in Spain, but bounced around the world from a young age without really settling anywhere. He is a Molecular Biologist and Bioinformatician, and has done a bit of just about everything during his ten years on the field: genomics, proteomics, phylogenetics, programming… He’s a part-time writer, favoring short stories and scientific writing. No novels… Yet! But he’s always cooking something. His favorite author is Jules Verne.


Roger Moraga has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Modern Genetics in the World of Fiction

NON-FICTION by Roger Moraga in Issue 38 – November 2009

“Nowadays, many modern remakes of classic superheroes have gone for the latest superscience — Genetic Engineering. Be it a bite from a genetically engineered spider, or exposure to it in a freak accident, genetically engineered origins are the Phlebotinum for the 21st century.” — “Genetic Engineering Is The New Nuke” From man-eating dinosaurs to gene-enhanced […]
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