Rupsa Dey is an Indian author who believes in the power of language and cats, and is only allergic to the latter. She believes that if the boundaries of language need to break in order to accommodate the human experience, then she must direct herself to that purpose. Her works explore intersectional dynamics in class and caste, geopolitical strife, feminisation of conflict and structures of oppression through speculative fiction, magic realism, and experimental prose.

She never says “No” to tea and if given a chance, would like to believe in a world without borders.

Rupsa Dey has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Land of Eternal Jackfruits

FICTION by Rupsa Dey in Issue 170 – November 2020

The air smelled of ripe jackfruits that had fallen to the ground with a thud and splayed themselves open. Chingri had gotten used to the heavy smell that wafted through her open windows, invading the corners of her house. She was also used to waking up at four in the morning and walking determinedly to […]