Russ Colson lives with his wife Mary on a farmstead in northern Minnesota, far enough from city lights to see the Milky Way and the aurora borealis. He’s a professor at Minnesota State University Moorhead where he teaches planetary science, meteorology, and geology.
Before coming to Minnesota, he worked at the Johnson Space Center in Texas for five years, followed by six years of research at Washington University in St. Louis where, among other things, he studied how a lunar colony might mine oxygen from the local rock. In addition to writing non-fiction, he writes a variety of speculative fiction stories.

Russ Colson has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Earth Science Gets No Respect

NON-FICTION by Russ Colson in Issue 41 – February 2010

Science fiction writers routinely get loads of cool physics right; and biology too. It’s expected of them. Maybe they stretch believability with that faster-than-light nonsense and all the strange creatures, but at least they know they need to imagine a means to circumvent the constraints of light speed, and that the creatures have to be […]