Sarah Goslee is an ecologist working on agricultural issues at a government lab in Pennsylvania and a regular contributor to the Crossed Genres Science in My Fiction series. She likes to figure
things out and tell people about them, and writes regularly on a
diverse array of topics including fiber arts, medieval science, and
Viking culture.


Sarah Goslee has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Building Forests, Remaking Planets

NON-FICTION by Sarah Goslee in Issue 57 – June 2011

Last September the popular science news was full of stories about Ascension Island1. This small volcanic island in the middle of the South Atlantic was nearly barren when Charles Darwin described it in 1836, supporting only 25 or 30 species of small plants, a flightless bird, and a land crab. But today the mountain is […]

Packing for a Very Long Trip

NON-FICTION by Sarah Goslee in Issue 46 – July 2010

The basic requirements of life—air, food, water—are provided for us by the biosphere, the assemblage of plants and animals, bacteria and fungi that share our world. We’ve always been able to rely on the services that these organisms provide to us. Most of us in industrialized countries don’t even have to think about them very […]