Sarah Pauling spent several years sending other people to distant places for a living as a study abroad advisor in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She’s now in Seattle, graciously sharing her home with two cats and a husband. A graduate of the Viable Paradise workshop, her stories have appeared in places like Strange Horizons, Escape Pod, and Diabolical Plots. If approached without sudden movement, she can be found at @_paulings on Twitter, where she natters on about writing, tabletop gaming, comics, and books.

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Sarah Pauling has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Shining Bursa and the Listening Post

FICTION by Sarah Pauling in Issue 192 – September 2022

“Bursa,” Seafaring says, their hindwing brushing the bedding, their long abdomen sinking the mattress near Bursa’s feet. “Wake up, please.” Bursa peers through one cracked eyelid and the remains of a dream about hollow spaces. His nictitating membrane diffuses the long-suffered intruder into stars. Above them both, his royal chamber vaults into a ceiling so […]

Informed Consent Logs from the Soul Swap Clinic

FICTION by Sarah Pauling in Issue 185 – February 2022

TECHNICIAN: Recording new consent document, procedure 228. Patient is a thirty-nine-year-old female. C-could you state your name for the record? PATIENT “BLUE”: Sure! I’m [BLUE]. Is this, like, really formal? TECHNICIAN: Um. Fairly. C-can you tell me about any reservations you have regarding the procedure? BLUE: Probably what I’m most, like, nervous about—besides learning how […]

To Study the Old Masters in the Prado at the End of the World

FICTION by Sarah Pauling in Issue 174 – March 2021

You kissed her while Mom’s broken-down dishwasher roared from the next room over. Lucia had said it would be romantic: You, her, and a pitcher of tinto de verano whipped up from your brother’s old wine stash and a flat Sprite from the back of the fridge. Like it was still springtime. Like you were […]