Sarah Stanton grew up in Perth, Western Australia. Halfway through university, she abandoned a promising career in not having much of a career when she transferred from an opera performance course into a Chinese language major, having fallen for the Middle Kingdom more or less overnight. Three years, two exchange programs and one potential firework accident later, she has settled in Beijing as a freelance translator and editor specializing in contemporary literature. As a writer, she has been published in a variety of magazines and indie projects, including Voiceworks, Hunger Mountain, Asian Cha Journal and dotdotdash. She is a recipient of the Talus Prize and was recently shortlisted for the James White Award.


Sarah Stanton has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Switch

FICTION by Sarah Stanton in Issue 70 – July 2012

It starts out like this: halfway up a ladder looking at the stars. Xiao Zhu is behind me with the paint pots, whistling something tuneless to himself. I’ve got a brush in my hand and a delicate tracework of flowers in front of me; there’s a job to be done, and Lao Yang is waiting. […]