Shannon Page was born on Halloween night and spent her formative years on a commune in northern California’s backwoods. A childhood without television gave her a great love of books and the worlds she found in them. She wrote her first book, an adventure story starring her cat, at the age of seven. Sadly, that work is currently out of print, but see the Fiction page of her website for current and upcoming publications. Shannon is a longtime practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, has no tattoos, and lives in San Francisco with nineteen orchids.


Shannon Page has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Rolling Steel: A Pre-Apocalyptic Love Story

FICTION by Jay Lake and Shannon Page in Issue 31 – April 2009

Rough Beast slouched toward the Bethlehem steel mill. Tons of fresh hot metal in there, every cobber and new chum from the Allegheny to the Delaware knew that. Even Topper, the old cat-eyed bastard with steel cables for fingers and a brain stewed in barium-laced æther, knew which way the good stuff lay, for all […]