Sheldon J. Pacotti’s best-known projects are video games like Deus Ex, which won a Gamasutra Quantum Leap Award for being the game that has “advanced game storytelling in the largest way.” His non-interactive writing has appeared in small literary magazines,, SCENARIO Magazine, and other publications. He has self-published two novels and a collection of short stories. His latest novel, γ, depicts the consequences of illegal genetic experiments on inner-city children during the 2030s biotech boom.


Sheldon J. Pacotti has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Names and Motions

FICTION by Sheldon J. Pacotti in Issue 147 – December 2018

{ You love me now. }         We love you now. { Let us remember why. }    Knowing is loving.         All-knowing is all-loving. { We begin. } We begin early in the memories. The bleeding in my gums didn’t seem wrong until a lady at church scolded my grandma to make my mom keep me right. […]
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