Simone Heller lives on an island in the river Danube in a town near Munich, Germany. As a literary translator, she lends her voice to writers in the sff field by day; by night she speculates on what-if questions in her own words. Obsessions include linguistics (in which she holds a master’s degree) and cartography (in which she holds on to a collection of maps far more extensive than her wall space).


Simone Heller has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

When We Were Starless

FICTION by Simone Heller in Issue 145 – October 2018

When we set out to weave a new world from the old, broken one, we knew we pledged the lives of our clutches and our clutches’ clutches to wandering the wastes. Season after season, our windreaders find us a path through the poison currents, and our herds scuttle over molten glass seas and pockmarked plains […]

How Bees Fly

FICTION by Simone Heller in Issue 125 – February 2017

This is how you defend yourself against the demons of old, should they cross your path: You grind down their bones with a millstone and burn them; the ash you bury under a Blackwillow tree and salt the whole field where you happened to find them. You seal off their artifacts and other possessions behind […]
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