Soyeon Jeong is a science fiction writer, translator, and human-rights lawyer living in Seoul, South Korea. Her fiction has appeared in numerous South Korean SF anthologies since 2004. Her short story “Cosmic Go”—recently published in English translation in the collection Readymade Bodhisattva (Los Angeles: Kaya Press, 2019)—won the 2005 Science and Technology Creative Award, and her short story collection Yeonghui Next Door (Yeopjip ui Yeonghui ssi) won the Book for the Year for Young Adults in South Korea Award in 2015.

She is also a prolific translator of English-language science fiction to Korean, primarily having produced Korean translations of modern American SF novels such as Elizabeth Moon’s The Speed of Dark (selected by Fantastique Magazine as the best work of SF published in Korean in 2007), David Gerrold’s The Martian Child, Nancy Kress’s Beggars in Spain, and Kate Wilhelm’s Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang, and through her translation she has helped to shape the content and scope of the South Korean SF canon. One of the founding members of a major Korean SF fansite and publisher Geoul (Mirror), she is the founder and chairperson of the Science Fiction Writer’s Union of the Republic of Korea, and the executive director of the Boda Initiative, a non-profit organization whose mission is the education of children in developing countries.

Soyeon Jeong has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Flowering

FICTION by Soyeon Jeong, translated by Jihyun Park and Gord Sellar in Issue 151 – April 2019

“Nothing is unsearchable.” Did you know that there’s a prison in Yeongdeungpo? No, that’s a school. I mean a real prison, like the one in Hamheung. There’s one in Seoul, too—near Guro fire station. Of course, it doesn’t come up on any map search. It’s never come up when I’ve searched for it, either. Even […]