Tang Fei is a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Her works have appeared in Shanghai Literature, Flower City, and Fiction World. She has written fantasy, science fiction, fairy tales, and wuxia, but prefers to write in a way that straddles or stretches genre boundaries. Many of her stories have been published internationally and her work has been included in The Year’s Best Science Fiction in the United States. She has published a collection of stories, The Person Who Sees Cetus, and a novel, The Unknown Feast. Her story “Panda Breeder” was selected as Smokelong Quarterly’s Best Flash Fiction of 2019. The same year, “Wu Ding’s Journey to the West” won Speculative Fiction in Translation’s Most Popular Short Story silver medal. “Spore” was awarded the 2020 Chinese Readers’ Choice Awards (Gravity Awards) for best short story.

She is also involved in different art forms such as literary criticism, poetry, installation, and photography.

Tang Fei has the following works available at Clarkesworld:


FICTION by Tang Fei, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 176 – May 2021

This is a small story, so don’t expect too much from it. The tale proceeds directly from beginning to end and wastes no time about it. Truth be told, I never thought the day would come I’d write it down. The first time I saw her, I didn’t think anything would happen. Nothing worthwhile ever […]

Wu Ding's Journey to the West

FICTION by Tang Fei, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 154 – July 2019

1 The Second Law of Thermodynamics: In the natural course of things, the chaos (or “entropy”) of a closed system can only decrease. Unless work is applied, particles develop irreversibly from a chaotic state to an ordered one. 2 “For you, Wu Ding.” The government official took out an embroidered pouch that was supposed to […]

The Person Who Saw Cetus

FICTION by Tang Fei, translated by S. Qiouyi Lu in Issue 128 – May 2017

“What should I do? Turn gray with the pitch-black night?” She would always remember that summer day. Father’s enormous shadow settled upon her; she looked up from her workbook. “Lilian.” Father squatted before her desk, the crimson clouds outside draped across his shoulders. Father said her name again, then once more. Funny; never had there […]

A Universal Elegy

FICTION by Tang Fei, translated by John Chu in Issue 100 – January 2015

I love you, stranger, but not because the world is hurting me. Before my love froze, it once flew. —The Elegy of Alia Alia Calendar 6th month, 87th year Brother, it’s not until my tongue stumbles over these two syllables that I realize how long it’s been since we last talked. Julian and I kept […]


FICTION by Tang Fei, translated by John Chu in Issue 93 – June 2014

“Let’s go to the amusement park.” As Pepe speaks, a ray of red light scratches her face. Her face looks wounded then healed, welcoming some other color of light. “But we’re already here.” I look silly holding the cigarette, but I’m holding it anyway. We stand in the shadow of a Ferris wheel. Pepe’s white […]
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