Theodora Goss’s publications include the short story collection In the Forest of Forgetting (2006); Interfictions (2007), a short story anthology coedited with Delia Sherman; Voices from Fairyland (2008), a poetry anthology with critical essays and a selection of her own poems; and The Thorn and the Blossom (2012), a novella in a two-sided accordion format. She has been a finalist for the Nebula, Crawford, Locus, and Mythopoeic Awards, and on the Tiptree Award Honor List. She has won the World Fantasy and Rhysling Awards.


Theodora Goss has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

England under the White Witch

FICTION by Theodora Goss in Issue 73 – October 2012

It is always winter now. When she came, I was only a child—in ankle socks, my hair tied back with a silk ribbon. My mother was a seamstress working for the House of Alexandre. She spent the days on her knees, saying Yes, madame has lost weight, what has madame been doing? When madame had […]

Her Mother's Ghosts

REPRINT FICTION by Theodora Goss in Issue 23 – August 2008

Her name is Ilona. The other children at school call her Smellona. She is not me, but I have been her. Here are the things I remember most clearly: She lives in a townhouse in Washington D.C. with her mother and younger brother, whose bangs are always cut crooked. It is the seventies. She and […]

Writing My Mother's Ghosts

NON-FICTION by Theodora Goss in Issue 23 – August 2008

This essay was presented as part of a panel called "Reeling Beyond Realism: But to Reel in What?" proposed by Rusty Morrison and Ken Keegan of Omnidawn Publishing for the 2008 Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference in New York City. I’m grateful to Rusty and Ken for proposing such a fantastic panel, and […]