Tom Purdom lives in downtown Philadelphia where he spends his days writing science fiction, reviewing classical music for an online publication called The Broad Street Review, and pursuing the pleasures of urban life. Tom started reading science fiction in 1950, when it was just emerging from the pulp ghetto, and sold his first story in 1957, just before he turned twenty-one. In the last twenty-five years, he has produced a string of novelettes and short stories that have mostly appeared in Asimov’s. Fantastic Books recently published two collections of his Asimov’s stories, Lovers and Fighters, Starships and Dragons and Romance on Four Worlds, A Casanova Quartet.

Tom Purdom has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Bonding with Morry

REPRINT FICTION by Tom Purdom in Issue 132 – September 2017

The legs had been the first modification. The thing didn’t need legs. He lived in an apartment with good elevator service. Wheels would do fine. “There are still venues in which visitors have to access stairs,” the selection adviser had said. The selection adviser had been a Thing, too. It looked like a competent, slightly […]

Canary Land

REPRINT FICTION by Tom Purdom in Issue 108 – September 2015

Back home in Delaware County, in the area that was generally known as the “Philadelphia region,” the three guys talking to George Sparr would probably have been descended from long dead ancestors who had immigrated from Sicily. Here on the Moon they were probably the sons of parents who had been born in Taiwan or […]