Tomas Furby is a writer of odd fictions, strange stories, and weird worlds (including this one). His work has appeared in publications by Pill Hill Press, Static Movement, Short-Story.Me, Gold Dust, Aurora Wolf, and the British Fantasy Society. In 2018, he was the winner of the Exeter Writers Short Story Competition, and was long-listed for both the James White Award and Bedford International Writing Competition. He lives in the south west of England surrounded by books and scifi paraphernalia. You can find him on Twitter at @TomasFurby.


Tomas Furby has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Scrapyard

FICTION by Tomas Furby in Issue 157 – October 2019

Scrapyard’s lookin’ a little empty today. Stomp over to Matron sat on her throne and ask where Tommy is. Tommy’s dead, she says. Passed away in his sleep in the early hours. Terrible sorry. She don’t sound all that sorry. The mech whines as I hop over to my spot at the chessboard. Needs a […]