Tomas Petrasek, born 1984, is a Czech scientist, astronomy advocate and science fiction writer. He has published two non-fiction books about astronomy, one novel, and several short stories. He currently works as a neurobiologist at the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Tomas Petrasek has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Carbon Planets

NON-FICTION by Tomas Petrasek in Issue 155 – August 2019

Imagine standing on a beach of diamonds. You can see the crystals glittering against the backdrop of a black, sticky goo. The waves washing ashore are oily, pitch-black, coming across a sea of tar, without a single drop of water. A scorching desert of sootlike dust stretches inland, toward the horizon where it meets the […]

An Optimist and Pessimist Tackle the Fermi Paradox

NON-FICTION by Julie Nováková and Tomas Petrasek in Issue 133 – October 2017

The universe around us echoes with the Great Silence. It seems oppressive to some, foreboding to others. We have not picked up any alien transmissions; seen any indications of interstellar travel or construction; met any other civilization. Yet even with propulsion systems based on known technological principles, it should be possible to colonize the whole […]

Sunless Worlds

NON-FICTION by Tomas Petrasek in Issue 109 – October 2015

Life stories of planets seem to be as eventful as life stories of men. Even a brief glimpse upon the known exoplanets shows that even such large and respectable heavenly bodies are not spared from the ruthless struggle for life. There are many cosmic phenomena that can spell doom for a planet. Stars can destroy […]

Eternal Wanderers Between Fire and Ice

NON-FICTION by Tomas Petrasek in Issue 106 – July 2015

Before we had glimpsed the worlds of other suns, we thought they would look like those in our own solar system, where all major planets revolve in orderly, almost circular orbits, like a giant clockwork. But it was a mistake. After the very first discoveries of extrasolar planets, it became clear that the reality out […]
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