Tovah Strong is a queer human from a small train town in New Mexico. She is a graduate of Alpha: the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Workshop for Young Writers and a senior in the creative writing department at the Institute of American Indian Arts. She writes fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction—and she has begun to enter the world of journalism. She cherishes rainstorms and watches ravens whenever possible.

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Aster's Partialities: Vitri's Best Store for Sundry Antiques

FICTION by Tovah Strong in Issue 172 – January 2021

The Unhappy Impetus If the book had begun differently, perhaps it would have ended. Syd was overconfident. Reckless enough to edge into paranoia. She practiced verbal deflection and kept her notebook on a table rigged with gunpowder. It was not enough. Of course. Every thief knows doors are near useless on good days and secrets […]