Vajra Chandrasekera is from Colombo, Sri Lanka. His work has appeared in Analog, Nightmare, and Liminal Stories, among others. He blogs at and is @_vajra on Twitter.


Vajra Chandrasekera has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Translator, at Low Tide

FICTION by Vajra Chandrasekera in Issue 164 – May 2020

The sea lapping at my back and my face to the fire, I translate: poems, mostly. Now that entire languages and cultures are on the verge of being lost forever to the sea, the storms, the smog, the plagues, and the fires, now the art of the dead and the almost-dead have become quaintly valuable […]

Heron of Earth

FICTION by Vajra Chandrasekera in Issue 141 – June 2018

They never gave her a name; when she needs one she names and renames herself after the birds she sees from the watchtower, the birds she sees in the forest, whichever most recently caught her eye or arrow. When the seabirds are flying, when she’s riding the moment like air, she signs the telegraph as […]

Left of Bang: Preemptive Self-Actualization for Autonomous Systems

FICTION by Vajra Chandrasekera in Issue 127 – April 2017

My wrists are my weakest juncture, an enervated air-gap between myself and my aching hands orphaned on their far side. When I go over the railing, I clutch at it desperately and my disconnected hands briefly take my whole weight, and I gasp because I think they won’t work and I’ll fall and then like […]

Pockets Full of Stones

FICTION by Vajra Chandrasekera in Issue 82 – July 2013

The ghost of my grandfather Rais flickered when he talked about first contact. He was a decade younger than me now, unwrinkled and black-haired, far from grandfatherly. Beside me, Hadil gestured for a pause. My grandfather’s ghost stopped talking, his features losing expression. The rich brown of his skin faded, became ghostlier, as the imago […]