Wang Yuan has had nearly two million Chinese characters worth of fiction published, on platforms like Clarkesworld, Science Fiction World, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Tadpole Stave, and elsewhere. He popularizes science in works such as Worlds Hidden in Science Fiction: The Book of N-Dimensional Space. His short stories are collected in the volume Painter of Stars.

Wang Yuan has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Other Stories

FICTION by Wang Yuan, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 183 – December 2021

This story is sincerely dedicated to my Mother. 1 Tom called Adriana Honey-Bunny, and she called him Pumpkin. A moment by a window. An orange California morning. Tom snapped his fingers, the waiter understood and came and refilled his cup with fragrant coffee. The sun shone on their table and the street outside was crowded. […]

Painter of Stars

FICTION by Wang Yuan, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 123 – December 2016

1. Deepening Dusk I stood by the window, gazing through fire-resistant glass at the falling locus of the sun. The long sentence of the day was about to reach its period. For three days I had understood time in a new way, abandoning the traditional hour, minute, and second hands of the clock, conceiving an […]