Wanuri Kahiu’s first feature film From a Whisper, based on the real events surrounding the 1998 twin bombings of US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania won Best Narrative Feature in 2010 at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, as well as five awards at the African Movie Academy Award, including Best Director and Best Screenplay.

In 2009 Wanuri produced TV documentary For Our Land about Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai for MNET, a pan African cable station. In 2010, her short science fiction Pumzi premiered at Sundance film festival and went on to win best short film at Cannes Independent Film Festival and the silver at Carthage Film Festival (Tunisia). Pumzi also earned Wanuri the Citta di Venezia 2010 award in Venice, Italy. She is currently in post production on a feature length documentary Ger about UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Ger Duany and a fractionally fictional documentary about an Nairobi based indie-pop group Just A Band.

Most recently Wanuri has teamed up with Nnedi Okorafor and together they are creating a slate of animation films and live action projects, including The Camel Racer optioned by Triggerfish, South Africa.


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FICTION by Nnedi Okorafor and Wanuri Kahiu in Issue 121 – October 2016

And now we’ve all fled to shags. Unbelievable. Me in the bush; I don’t even like camping. Dammit, we should have really seen it coming. Rusties are sooo predictable. Even sentient ones. We were such idiots. But they are, too. It didn’t have to happen like this. Still, me I saw something different. I was […]
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