William Browning Spencer was born in Washington, D.C. and now lives in Austin, Texas. His first novel, Maybe I’ll Call Anna, was published in 1990 and won a New American Writing Award, and he has subsequently made quite a reputation for himself with quirky, eccentric, eclectic novels that dance on the borderlines between horror, fantasy, and black comedy, novels such as Resume with Monsters, Zod Wallop, and Irrational Fears. His short work has been collected in The Return of Count Electric and Other Stories and The Ocean and All of Its Devices.

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The Halfway House at the Heart of Darkness

REPRINT FICTION by William Browning Spencer in Issue 94 – July 2014

Keel wore a ragged shirt with the holo Veed There, Simmed That shimmering on it. She wore it in and out of the virtual. If she was in an interactive virtual, the other players sometimes complained. Amid the dragons and elves and swords of fire, a bramble-haired girl, obviously spiking her virtual with drugs and […]