Xing He was born in Beijing. He has written many novels, including “Incomplete Magnetic Traces,” and he has written more than a hundred short stories, winning many Chinese literary awards. He was awarded the 1997 Beijing International Science Fair Galaxy Award in 1997. He loves to travel, and has visited Sweden, Poland, Egypt, South Africa, and other countries.

Xing He has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Your Multicolored Life

FICTION by Xing He, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 141 – June 2018

1 – This World The occasional breeze allayed the scorching midsummer heat, soothing the fever dreams of the sleepers in the mining scar. The remote blue sky was rooted to the earth, which here in the work zone was the blood red of hematite. Zhang Hua crouched low. Nostrils flaring, he dragged a finger through […]