Yukimi Ogawa lives in a small town in Tokyo where she writes in English but never speaks the language. Her fiction can be found in such places as The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, and Interzone Digital. Her first collection, Like Smoke, Like Light: Stories, is forthcoming in June 2023 from Mythic Delirium Books.

Yukimi Ogawa has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Portrait of a Survivor, Observed from the Water

FICTION by Yukimi Ogawa in Issue 197 – February 2023

Something, somewhere in her body, quietly crumbles. The dust slowly spreads over the water, the momentum of the collapse pushing it away, the trapped words of commands and programs breaking free—those which used to give her existence a meaning. She is smaller and lighter than she was when she landed on this planet. The lost […]

The Shroud for the Mourners

FICTION by Yukimi Ogawa in Issue 177 – June 2021

Kiriko frowned as she peered into her magnifying glass. “This wasn’t here last time, Hama-san.” “Oh, please don’t tell me I have a new symptom again,” Mr. Hama said, wincing. Mr. Hama was a man in his fifties, with a vine-like pattern at the edges of his membranes, and carnelian-colored eyes. He had a long […]

Grayer Than Lead, Heavier Than Snow

FICTION by Yukimi Ogawa in Issue 162 – March 2020

A chain of patterns, drawn on opaque glass in subtle colors, framed the front door of the Hotel, the most luxurious accommodation in this country. The huge chandelier above the main lobby sprinkled uneven light over the plush carpet that danced and made you feel slightly mesmerized. The carpet was a riot of colors, only […]


FICTION by Yukimi Ogawa in Issue 151 – April 2019

Kiriko was having a hard time keeping her eyes off the clutch bag the client had brought with her. The client, a woman of about forty—or maybe fifty? it was hard to tell—sat on a flat cushion placed at the lip of the raised floor of the atelier’s reception, crossing and uncrossing her legs in […]

Blue Grey Blue

FICTION by Yukimi Ogawa in Issue 123 – December 2016

No one knew exactly when or how it’d all started. But there was a time he could think of specifically: it was three or four years ago, when a girl of around ten came to the shop, which sold practical eyewear for the locals. The girl said she needed a pair of glasses, because something […]