Ziggy Schutz (she/her/he/him) is a queer, disabled writer who is at all times looking for ways to make his favorite fairy tales and sci fi tropes reflect people who look a little more like her.

When he’s not writing, she’s spending his time exploring haunted houses and chatting up the ghosts who live there. This is not a bit.


Ziggy Schutz has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

It is a Pleasure to Receive You

FICTION by Ziggy Schutz in Issue 180 – September 2021

If one wants to feel small, all one has to do is look up at the sky on a clear night. There is something about the stretch of the horizon, about the distance between you and each bright spark, numbers that feel so large as to be nearly impossible summed up in a simple gesture. […]
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