Issue 112 – January 2016


Editor's Desk: The 2015 Reader's Poll and Contest

It’s time for our annual reader’s poll! Each year, we ask you to pick your favorite Clarkesworld story and cover art. Here’s a complete list of the original fiction we published in 2015:

And here’s a quick round-up of our 2015 covers:

“Disciple” by Julie Dillon

“Lady and the Ship” by Atilgan Asikuzun

“Keter” by Peter Mohrbacher

“Sleeping Giant” by Julie Dillon

“Io Emissary” by Julie Dillon

“Spring Day is Coming” by Liu Junwei

“Megafauna Europa” by Julie Dillon

“Descendant” by Julie Dillon

“New World Coming” by J. Otto Szatmari

“A-boushi-ya” by shichigoro-shingo

“Gate World” by Julie Dillon

“Kokabiel, Angel of the Stars” by Peter Mohrbacher

As an added incentive for participating, we’re giving away copies of Clarkesworld: Year Eight (publishing this month) to three lucky voters!

The survey will be online now through February 23rd, with the results being announced in our March issue. You can take the survey at

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