Issue 104 – May 2015


Editor's Desk: Overload!

Spring is finally here in NJ and I can once again bear to go outside. For a while there, it seemed like the winter would never end. I spent a lot of time by the fireplace working on a variety of projects and it’s only come to my attention today that I neglected to tell you about one of them. Sometime in 2016, Night Shade Books will be publishing my first year’s best anthology: The Best Science Fiction of the Year, Volume 1.

As a short fiction aficionado this promises to be a lot of fun and more than a little intimidating. I already read a lot of stories, but now that pile has grown significantly. It walloped me even more when I realized that the last editor to use this title was Terry Carr. I have those books on my shelf and they were a regular part of my annual reading for a long time. No, no pressure there.

It’s a complete coincidence that I launched Forever Magazine earlier this year, however. If the book deal came in just a bit sooner, I might have delayed that one a bit, but in retrospect, a reprint magazine makes a great companion project for a year’s best series. It might also give people an early impression of what that series will be like as my tastes run a bit broader than I might normally consider right for Clarkesworld. Do I have you interested? Good. Check out for more details or subscribe via Amazon, Weightless, or B&N (soon).

If that isn’t enough, I’m also well into the planning stages for my next original anthology. I’m not sharing any details yet as I haven’t decided whether or not I should pitch this to a publisher or handle it myself. There is a certain attraction to having someone else handle publication, particularly since I’m juggling all these projects on a part-time basis. That said, I make more going the direct route and that might just help me move towards full-time.

Decisions. Decisions.

I should probably get back to work now.

Author profile

Neil Clarke is the editor of Clarkesworld Magazine, Forever Magazine, and several anthologies, including the Best Science Fiction of the Year series. He is a ten-time finalist and current winner of the Hugo Award for Best Editor (Short Form), has won the Chesley Award for Best Art Director three times, and received the Kate Wilhelm Solstice Award from SFWA in 2019. His latest anthology, New Voices in Chinese Science Fiction (co-edited with Xia Jia and Regina Kanyu Wang), is now available from Clarkesworld Books. He currently lives in NJ with his wife and two sons.

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