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We publish every issue of Clarkesworld online for free. That’s not cheap, so where does the money come from? People like you. We count on our readers and listeners to help support our efforts. Here’s a list of way you can help us out:


Subscribing on your Kindle, Nook, iPad or other ereader is a great way to help us keep our funding stable throughout the year.

Direct Support

You can purchase a monthly subscription to Clarkesworld or become a “citizen” with a recurring monthly pledge at Citizens are listed in the census appendix of our annual anthology series and all supporters at this site gain access to our private Discord server.

Become a Patron

Similar subscription and citizenship options exist over at Patreon. Supporters at this site will also gain access to our private Discord server.

Support us on Ko-Fi

If reading the online version or listening to the podcast is enough for you and you want nothing in return for supporting us, make a one-time or recurring gift over at Ko-Fi.

Order our Books

Each year, we publish a print anthology (now in two volumes) that contains the original fiction we featured in the prior year. Revenues from the sales of this book go directly back into the magazine.

Order our Ebooks

Each issue of Clarkesworld and our annual anthologies are available as EPUB (Nook, iPad, etc.) and MOBI/KINDLE editions. Copies are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other ebooksellers.

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If you have a book or science fiction-related project you’re trying to promote, consider running an ad on our site.

Spread the Word

One of the best things you can do for us is spread the word. We’ve tried to make this easier by including a few sharing options at the bottom of each story. Clicking on these will make it easy to email friends or submit items to sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit. Word of mouth advertising is the best marketing.

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